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"A maxi skirt that fits my height, perfectly!"
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We know custom made clothing isn't common (but it should be!). That's why we're offering this special Try Before You Buy offer, so you can experience it for your yourself!
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Customize your favorite details

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The Perfect Length for your Height
  •  YOUR HEIGHT: No more skirts that are too long or too short. The perfect length, custom made for you.  
  •  YOUR CURVES: We take your measurements and custom make each skirt to fit your unique curves. 
  • YOUR DESIGN: Customize the design and details to fit your personality. 
  •  FREE STYLING SESSION: Not sure what you want? No problem! Set up a complimentary style chat.
Put it on. Wear it out. Enjoy the Compliments!
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Here's What Other People Are Saying:
Try a custom skirt now!
"First of all, I have to say that their customer service is excellent. Secondly, I am in love with the fabric from which the skirt is made and I loooove the fact that the inner lining has a red fabric - it feels like you are walking on a red carpet all day! :) And, thirdly, the fit & the quality!"

- Madara L.
Try a custom skirt now!
"For many of us, finding a pencil skirt with a flattering and comfortable fit is a chore. If it fits in the waist, it doesn't accommodate the hips or vice versa. With ease, this skirt molded to my curves. It's also lined with a super soft, premium fabric. So, the skirt feels like I'm wearing silky pajamas."

- Psyche S.
Try a custom skirt now!
"I always have a hard time picking up clothes, they either fit loose on the waist, loose on the legs, or just don't fit as nice as I would love to. It is very comfortable, and makes me feel confident when I wear it! It fits on the waist and hips perfectly! Making the illusion that I have a curvier body  :)"

- Jenny L. 
Get Your FREE Custom Maxi Skirt And FEEL The Difference Now!
Each custom skirt retails for $165, but we're giving you 40% off. Try it for 7-days for free! If you like it, keep it for only $95!
Why You Need A Custom Maxi Skirt:
Try a custom skirt now!
The Custom Length
We guarantee the perfect length for women of any height. 

Say good-bye to skirts that are too long or too short. No more pulling and tugging. No tailoring required. 

Just a perfect fit with the perfect length right out of the bag. 
Try a custom skirt now!
The Custom Measurements
Every woman's body is different, with very unique curves.  But clothes in the malls are made for an "average" size.  Who is this "average woman" anyway?  Rita Phil skirts are made to your unique measurements, so you get that perfect fit, every time.
"I do not usually do this, especially outside in the winter but I have to show you the perfect fit of this waist and the awesome leather trim. No gaping and it felt perfect."
     - Linda C.
Try a custom skirt now!
The Customizations
Let your personality shine with customizations you can only get with Rita Phil:
  • Your choice of an enclosed vent or open slit. 
  •  Pick from an array of luxuriously soft and colorful lining fabrics.
  • Select your preferred fit: slim, contoured, relaxed. 
Rita Phil custom made skirts retail for $165, but you can try one for FREE! FREE SHIPPING AND RETURNS, TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD  
Experience the PERFECT FIT!
Try A FREE Custom Maxi Skirt!
FREE Trial
Your Price: FREE
7-day free trial.  Wear it out, feel the luxury - only pay if you love it!

Free shipping and returns.
FREE Trial
Your Price: FREE
7-day free trial.  Wear it out, feel the luxury - only pay if you love it!

Free shipping and returns.
2 custom skirts
List Price: $330
You Save: $150 (45%)
Today's Price: $180
Free shipping and returns.
MEASUREMENTS: We'll send you a quick tutorial to show you how to take your measurements.  Or we can set up a video chat to walk you through the process.
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